Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame Nomination of

6x American Field Champion & 3x American Field Runner-Up
DC/AFC Grand Junction Jake

(January 10, 2003 – April 15, 2015
Sex: M
DOB: 2003-1-10
Sire: NFC-DC-AFC Gamblers Ace In The Hole
Dam: FC-AFC Auten’s Meg-netic Field
Color: Orange and White
Owners: Richard and Carol Pulliam
Breeder: Ron and Carol Auten
AKC: SR04975802, FDSB: 1547068
DNA: V343266, OFA: BS12575G27M-PI

Nominated by Warren Montgomery

Grand Junction Jake was a great Brittany with a wonderful temperament and he was an aggressive competitor. He ran with great style and pointed with extreme class.

Jake was an affectionate companion with impeccable manners and lived in the house when he was not on the field trial circuit. It was always funny and predictable when he was brought home after field trial season…it was like he had never been gone a day. The first thing he would do is run to the cookie jar for a treat and then claim his spot on the couch to begin to rule the Pulliam household.

Chad Holman, his professional trainer, told Dick when running him in amateur stakes never to look back for him because he would always be out front. This invariably held true. He had the reputation of owning Camp Robinson in Arkansas because he won so many stakes there.

We knew he was going to be special because when we worked him as a young dog, he would run just about out of sight, stop, turn, and look for you. He would not come back and all you had to do was hit your whistle or turn your horse and he would continue on with big edge running casts.

When Jake won the 2008 Chicken Championship in 90 degree heat over 74 dogs, one of the judges remarked that he was the biggest running dog he had ever seen. This judge was John Kline..….and John had seen a lot of dogs!

Jake placed third in the National Open All Age Championship in 2010 and third again in 2012. He won the prestigious U. S. Open Brittany Championship in 2011 and the ABC Prairie Chicken Championship in 2008 returning in 2009 to be named runner-up. He was also the Illinois Open All Age Dog of the Year for 2010/2011.

Field Trial statistics: 40 total placements, 30 of which were in hour stakes. After his derby season, Jake only competed in hour stakes.

Championship and Hour Stake placements: 30 All Age Hour placements (6x CH, 3x RU)
ABC National Open All Age Championship 2010 3rd (48), 2012 3rd (69)
ABC Chicken Classic Championship 2008 CH (75), 2009 RU (66)
Central Arkansas Razorback Limited 2008 2nd (23)
Greater St. Louis Open Limited All Age 2007 2nd (39)
Greater St. Louis Hour OAA 2012 1st (33)
Illinois Brittany Championship 2009 CH (13), 2010 4th (18)
Illinois Brittany Club OLAA 2010 4th (17)
Jim Holman Classic 2008 2nd (20), 2011 1st (20)
Lee Holman Classic 2010 4th (17), 2011 1st (17)
Michigan Championship 2009 3rd (20)
Michigan Brittany Club Open Limited All Age 2007 2nd (26)
Michigan Open Limited All Age 2012 1st (15)
Mid-South OAA Championship 2009 RU (13), 2011 4th (17) , 2013 RU (22)
Mid-South Region 6 AAA Championship 2007 CH (17)
Prairie States Open All Age Championship 2011 CH (40), 2013 4th (34)
Prairie State Shooting Dog Championship 2007 4th (31)
Region 6 Amateur All Age Championship 2009 3rd (20), 2011 CH (13)
Region 6 Razorback OAA Championship 2010 1st (22)
U.S. Open Brittany Championship 2011 CH (49)
Volunteer Hour OAA 2012 1st (23)
Western Michigan Open All Age Championship 2011 4th (17)

Purina Dog of the Year statistics:
2008 Youngest dog in the Top 10
2008, 2009, 2011 Placed in the Top 10
2011 Runner-Up for the award

1 FC so far
Thus far Jake has produced 12 young dogs with field trial placements. One breeder, who bred his females to Jake many times over the years, remarked he has been extremely impressed with the pups although most went to hunters not field trialers.

With Field Trial placements:
FC/AFC ANJ’s Ohio Hellion
Windy Hills Pink Diamond
Sharp Dressed Man
Oak Hills Moment of Madness
Windy Hills Maxxed Out
Brittmont Lee
Big Oaks Jack Of Diamonds
High Points Cold Draft
Alder Grand Hopes Penny Ante
Alder Zerandipity
Fairleah Zerandipity
McChesney’s All Down The Line

With Show placements:
Grand Ch Gold Big Oaks Mamma Mia’s Star Sophia
Ch Big Oaks Some Patience Required
Big Oaks Jack of Diamonds (needs one point to be a Champion)

Ch MACH Big Oaks Some Patience Required of Mariad ( Was Number 5 dog for the AKC National Championship 2016 qualifiers)

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Ron & Carol Auten
Charlie Bagland
Harold Biebel
Tonya Brotherton
Danny & Louise Brown
Tom & Gretchen Burroughs
Nancy Clendenen
Leroy Craig

Philip Dangerfield
Rob Donahue
Bob Fleury
H. R. & Sally Gentsch
Ed & Judy Graves
Ron & Kathy Gulembo
Wade Haines
Chad Holman
Ed & Donna Janulis
Paul & Elaine Kuipers
Capt. Gary & Sally Lockee
Neal Mace
Warren Montgomery
Kent Patterson
Dale Pool
Steve & Lori Ralph
Ray & Mary Jo Trimble
Richard Wiley

My name is Harold Biebel of Biebel Brittanys in Bowling Green KY. We have been Brittany breeders for 23 years. Several years ago we discovered Jake while he was at Chad Holman’s kennels. We have bred our girls to Jake many times over the years and been extremely impressed with the pups the breedings produced. While most of our customers are foot hunters and not field trialers, we would like to support Jake’s nomination to the BFTHF. Thank you. Harold Biebel.