Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame Nomination of

Lyle Johnson

Nominated by Bill Norvell & Ken Jacobson

In recognition of his many years of service to promoting and campaigning Brittanys, and supporting both Regional and National Events, we would like to nominate Lyle Johnson for induction into The Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame.

In a career spanning six decades Lyle has steadfastly supported and promoted the field trial Brittany. His contributions are still evident today by the progeny of the dogs which he developed and the field trial participants who are still active due to his mentoring.

1) A contributor to the Field Brittany for six decades.

Lyle started training in 1955 and finished his first Field Champions in 1959. He was the president of the Southern Kansas Brittany Club for many years. Lyle also served his time in the saddle judging and judged many Brittany and Pointer trials over the years.
Lyle’s records indicate that he holds some records back in the early days:

  • He handled the youngest dog to win the nationals (Way Kan Fritts - 1969)
  • The smallest – Trisha (Way Kan Feeling Free - 1979)
  • Won the nationals with the largest entry with Trisha – 97 entries
  • Won the largest all age stake of 70 dogs with Oak Grove Andrew owned by the Doug Reisner.
In more recent times Lyle trained and developed outstanding dogs, such as NFC Microdot (HOF), FC / AFC / 7 time American Field Champion Poki Dot (HOF), NFC Minnehaha’s Tammy (HOF), NAC/FC/AFC Renegade’s Kansas Kid (ABC HOF), NGDCH Champion Sadie Fair Lady and many others. Many of the dogs, winning today, have these outstanding dogs in their pedigrees.

Lyle was the driving force in acquiring the use of the outstanding field trial grounds used by the Southern Kansas Brittany Club, the Midwest Brittany Club, the Kansas Brittany Championship, as well as many other prestigious Championships. These grounds, owned by Mary Lynn and Bill Oliver were made available to all of us because of Lyle’s association with the Oliver’s. It’s hard to imagine what trialing would be like in the Midwest without these grounds.

2) A Developer of Outstanding Field Trial Dogs
  • 21 National Championship Placements
  • 13 National Champions or Amateur National Champions trained and/ or handled by Lyle
  • Trained and handled 11 Hall of Fame Dogs
  • Finished 30 American Field Champions
  • Finished 97 AKC Field Champions - 37 of which were Duals
  • Trained and handled 5 Winners of the US Open Championship and 4 RU Champions
3) A Mentor to Amateur and Professional Handlers and Owners
  • Over the six decades that Lyle has been involved with the Brittany, he has helped to encourage and develop interest in Brittany owners, who are still campaigning and breeding dogs, participating in, or running field trials, and giving both financial and moral support to regional and national events. Lyle has had literally hundreds of customers and supporters over the years and some of the ones, who are still supporting the “Field Brittany”, include Mary Lynn and Bill Oliver, Bob Rankin, Francis Clasen, Jim and Meam Floyd, Al and Sharon Van Wieren, Diana Kubitz, Doug Reisner, Nan Pullen and Dave and Joyce Lincoln.
  • Lyle’s son Scott is carrying on the legacy of training and handling winning Brittanys that he learned from his father.
  • He finished his field career as a Field Representative for the American Kennel Club, still representing bird dogs and helping AKC and owners determine what is best for the sport of field trialing.
The criteria for induction into the Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame indicates, in part, that “ Persons who are deserving of consideration for nomination and election into the BFTHF should have rendered exemplary service to the sport of field trialing both locally and nationally for a long period of time.” Certainly the contributions, that Lyle has made, and his continuing legacy in outstanding dogs and Patrons to the Sport, meet and exceed that criterion. Please consider these accomplishments, and elect Lyle Johnson into the BFTHF.

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**** Supporters of this nomination ****
Nick Blasi
Terry Gowin
Ken Jacobson
Diana Kubitz
Bill Norvell
Rick Smith
Jon St. Clair