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Nomination written by Ron Harling, Jr. in conjunction with Donna Janulis

In a life spanning almost 60 years, Chad Holmanís name is synonymous with the American Brittany and Brittany field trials. †His contributions to the American Brittany and the field trial community truly span his lifetime and generations, having been born into the sport and dedicating his life to its advancement. Chad is a worthy candidate for the Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame.

As a third generation professional Brittany trainer, Chad had the privilege to learn from his Hall of Fame father and grandfather, Jim and Lee. †Summers spent on the prairies of Manitoba and later, on the Taylor Ranch in Nebraska, were where Chad put the finishing touches on the big running, horizon seeking dogs he loves. †Developing young dogs and polishing old dogs were Chadís handy work.

Throughout his life, Chad transitioned from a hurricane riding wild man, scouting for Jim and anyone in need of the best scout out there, to a smooth professional that was able to show a dog at its best. As a young scout, it was always something to see a dog that was out of pocket and seemingly gone for the count miraculously show exactly where it should be. †You would wonder how it got there and look around and notice Chad in the back of the gallery on a lathered, blowing horse, acting like heís been there the whole time! †As time passed and expectations changed, Chad transitioned to a smooth and controlled handler, his dogs always to the front running smoothly and with minimal handling. †He showed his veteran skill, guiding his dogs around a course with ease.

At the age of 17 (1980), Chad handled in the American Brittany National Championship for the first time. He ran dogs every year from 1980 until 2023 when bad health prevented him from taking his string to Booneville. †He ran in the Nationals at Conway Arkansas, Ardmore Oklahoma, Rend Lake Illinois and Booneville Arkansas. †During that span he has won six times, was runner up ten times and collected countless 3rds and 4ths. †Rimardaís Gambler (1989), Rebel Jacís Hammering Hank (1996), Gamblerís Ace in the Hole (1998), Farther Out Ace (2003), Laneís End We-Be Clean (2007) and Rebel Jacís Hammering Dandy (2008) all made it to the winnerís circle under Chadís guidance. Additionally, he scouted five other winning National Champions.


With many considering our wild bird classics on par with the Nationals, Chad excelled in these stakes. He won the Quail Classic five times, the Chicken Classic nine times and the Pheasant Classic four times. †The US Open Championship was won twice, 1999 and 2011 with The Time Machine and Grand Junction Jake. †His hour placements may be unprecedented with over 425 placements! Five dogs from Chadís string were elected to the ABC Hall of Fame: Laneís End Bowtie Annie, Gamblerís Ace in the Hole, Ajax VII, Jerobís Magic Tradewind and Rimardaís Trademark. Six dogs were also elected to the Bird Dog Hall of Fame: Ajax VII, Flatwoodís Tiger, Gamblerís Ace in the Hole, Grand Junction Jake, Laneís End Bowtie Anne and Rimardaís Trademark. †The Purina All Age Dog of the Year was won by Chadís dogs seven times; Franklin County Bandit (1989), Mr. Buddy Boy (1994), Shamrockís Missouri Magic (1997), Gamblerís Ace in the Hole (1999), Buddy Jac (2004) and Laneís End We-Be Clean (2006 & 2008).† Chad has bred and finished countless FC in all age and gun dog stakes.

As I write this, one thing became clear to me. This nomination should have occurred years ago. †With an unparalleled resume, Chad is unequivocally deserving of joining his father and grandfather in the Britttany Field Trial Hall of Fame.