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DC Hi Proof Whizki

 “Life’s not about the number of Breaths we take.    It’s about the moments that take our Breath away.”   Unknown

Nominated by Ken Blackman

During the early years of the new millennium there was an amazing number of All Age Brittanys that would compete in the best Field Trials and Championships across the United States.  As we approach the Third decade, we now look to honor some of the finest our breed had to offer.  

If you had an All Age Competitor in the last decade, you know what that comment is all about.  I had the distinct pleasure to see a dog do those things.  He acquired an ill-gotten reputation as a renegade.  An icon of field trialing in the Grand Junction area, James Monroe Avent (1895-1936), the ‘Fox of Hickory Valley”, and winner of the most National Championships, was asked his definition  of an “All Age dog”.  His answer  ….a runoff, but not quite”.  Hi Proof Whizki was All Age in the truest meaning of the word. 

Whizki was bred by Dave Walker from a litter out of Clem and Marilynn Little’s Champion, The Whiz Kid out of Spectacle on Ice.   Whizki was owned and handled by James and Betty Doherty during his early field trial career.  In 2005 he was put up for sale and  Al Gorrow decided to take a chance and offer him to Leland Dye of Hernando, MS.  Leland had asked Al to keep an eye peeled for a pup with All Age potential.  Thus, began a relationship that would last till Whiz died at the ripe old age of 15. 

Throughout his career Whiz was the kind of dog that needed big country to show his “aspirin on the hillside” range.  You never had to look behind, because he wouldn’t be there.  As someone who scouted him, I can attest to the fact that Whiz needed to be on birds within a few minutes of the breakaway.  He had a burning desire to find game. But once he found his birds he was rock solid.  I never saw him crowd his birds.  He possessed a “shotgun nose”.  However, I can only remember one time, he was found backing his brace mate.  But when he was found standing his game, he was a statue, exhibiting impeccable style and class.  Once he was placed second in a major trial.  I scouted Whiz, and with several finds (on wild quail), I asked one of the judges, whom I knew and respected, what would Whiz have had to do to win the trial.  His answer was “……..I just didn’t see much of him”.  He was right. 

In Whiz’s 10 year active career he earned 23 placements in AKC and several in the AFTCA.  In 20 adult placements, he placed in trials with an average entry of 33.  His most memorable trial, the 2007 Brittany National Championship, at Blue Mountain near Booneville, AR, won by Lane’s End We Be Clean, Whiz was named Runner Up Champion with 70 entries in the Stake.   

Living in the Mid-South, there’s an Amateur Trial just about every weekend.  Most of the trials along the Tennessee/Mississippi line are held on large farmlands.  Venues, like Hell Creek, Whippoorwill Farm, Dancyville, Fisherville and of course, Ames Plantation test the mettle and training of an All Age dog.  The skill of the handler is certainly required.  Al Gorrow was used to that kind of dog.  He won with him on the big grounds that best suited the ‘long tails’.  Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota, Mississippi and Tennessee were Whiz’s battle grounds.  But as an owner, Leland wanted to enjoy his boy on weekend trials.  Leland always thought that Whiz possessed the class, stamina and range to compete in the biggest field trials, regardless of what breed he was pitted against.  Entered in the Amateur Quail Championship held at the Dixie Plantation and braced with the famous National Champion, Miller’s On Line, his performance impressed the Judges and with his bird finding in the live Oaks and wiregrass.  He gained the respect for the Brittany Breed.    But possibly, the most impressive win in his career, Hi Proof Whizki was entered in the prestigious Memphis Amateur in January of 2009.  Never in the 75 year history of this AFTCA Championship, had anything but a Pointer or Setter ever won or placed.  Whiz’s win sent shock waves throughout the Mid-South field trial community.  But as Judge, Bill Stubblefield had stated, “I’ve judged trials for over 50 years, and never saw a dog run in such miserable conditions and find and hold birds with such range and style like that bobtailed rocket.  Every time we thought to call him lost, he’d be found way off the course rock solid on his birds.”

In the summer of 2008, Whiz was placed with David Downing to earn his Dual Championship.  Within 2 months, he accumulated the requisite number of wins with 3 “Majors” in only 9 shows.   The ABC espouses the Dual Dog concept for the Brittany.  In the AKC Stud Book the Brittany Breed is the leading Pointing Breed with Dual Championships. 

But, the Field Trial Hall of Fame recognizes not only Wins but Production.  And at this, Whiz again proved to be ‘way out front’. He was bred to 8 different bitches that produced Field Trial winners.  His get number 6 Field Champions of which 2 are also Grand Field champions and Dual Champions. With frozen semen he still has pups out there winning and should produce more dogs and bitches of note in the near future. 

His get include (with dam):

            FC Whizki’s ‘s Sting   (FC Sting)

            DC/GFC/AFC MTB Scipio Hot Shot of Whizki   (DC AFC TJ’s Single Shot of Scipio)

            FC Kokomo Jose Joe  (Blaze’N Little Chick)

            Rainbow’s Special Addition JH   (FC/AFC Special Edition)   

            FC Shot of Whizki   (Alliwannado)

            FC Rainbow’s Chick’n McNugget & Rainbow’s Ms Wanda, JH  (CH Rainbo’s Belles and


GFC/FC Whiskey’s Little Tip   (Sandbank Rose)

            Wolf River’s Sour Mash   (Wilco’s Miss Emma)