& American and Canadian

Dual Ch. Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper

March 2006 – March 2018

Nominated by Leslie Andreas and Scott Johnson

            Ned was owned by Vern Brunen of Alberta, Canada his entire life and was the “once in a lifetime” dog we all seek.  Vern hunted with him on wild birds both before and after his field trial career with great success.   Vern passed away a year after Ned and Leslie promised him on his death bed that she would nominate Ned for the honor of being in the Bird Dog Hall of Fame when the time was right.  Now is that time.

            Ned was a true all age competitor, always exciting to watch, and always forward and on the edge in his race.  He was fast and smart about his pattern, yet a laid back quiet dog in his downtime. 

In trials, he either won or was lost.  When Scott had to pull out the tracker after Ned was not seen for a while, he would always find Ned on point.  He was a true bird dog.

            Ned showed great promise as a youngster and began his life running in Canadian Kennel Club field trials with an enviable puppy and derby career, winning every stake he ran in except for one where he finished second.   He was also shown and finished a Canadian show championship easily.  Vern broke him for adult stakes and he won an amateur stake and had some other placements in shooting dog stakes.   But progressively his range increased to all age and he was lost to the front and ruled out of contention.  Vern was frustrated that he couldn’t get him around.   His wife talked him into placing Ned in the Midwest with Scott Johnson where the courses were more suited to a competitive all age dog. 

            In 2010 Ned was sent late in the fall trial season to Scott.  Days after arriving, Ned placed 3rd in a 33 dog all age stake at the Sooner trial.  It seemed like a great start but the truth was it took some time for Ned and Scott to make a team.  By spring 2011, they were starting to click and consistently placing in all age stakes.  Over the summer, Scott's hard work and Ned's talent took off.  Ned qualified for the nationals during the fall season, winning a 5-point open all age stake at the Bluebonnet trial.  At the 2011 National Championship, he laid it down with three limb finds to place 3rd out of 74 dogs.  The next trial they attended at No. Oklahoma in spring of 2012, Ned won a 5-point open all age stake and finished his field championship.  His winning streak continued that spring with several more blue ribbons. 

            At the end of the spring trial season, Jessica Carlson took Ned to show.  In less than a month, Ned completed his show championship, became a dual champion and went Best of Breed.  Ned was the first American and Canadian Dual Champion in the United States since the 1970’s and the first ever bred and owned in Canada.   He was the fifth double dual in history and to this day the only one in this century. 

            Ned began the fall of 2012 by winning the Chicken Classic with an entry of 52 dogs.  He then had a four-week streak of blue ribbons in large open all age stakes and ended the fall with another placement of 4th in the National Championship.   The spring of 2013 he went home to his owner and Vern ran him in a few trials.  He won a shooting dog stake with 5 well-handled finds and a great race to finish his Canadian Dual Championship.   Ned spent the summer resting on his laurels instead of working and returned to Scott at the 2013 Chicken Classic.   Even though he was fat and out of shape, he placed 3rd in the Chicken Classic, the toughest wild bird trial there is.  He again placed 3rd in the 2013 National Championship.



Win Record    8  1-hour wins

Ned was on the circuit with Scott as his handler while in the prime of his life, age 5 to 8 years old.   

He ran in the United States for only a little more than 3 years and never ran in a single amateur stake.

Ned placed 3 out of the 4 times he ran in the National Championship.


His trial record was extraordinary during that time:

    31 AKC placements, 9 first places, all stakes were 5-point open all age stakes in the Midwest,

            none with less than 25 dogs  (plus his one Canadian win)

      8  hour placements -    3 placements in ABC National Championship for 3 consecutive years

                                                     2011, 2012 & 2013

                                           5 other 1-hr wins –  Winner  2012 Chicken Classic, 52 entries

                                                                                    Placed  2011 Kansas Open Ch, 26 entries

                                                                                           “     2012 Mid-American Ch, 40 entries

                                                                                           “     2013 Chicken Classic, 48 entries

                                                                                           “     2014 Pheasant Classic, 52 entries

    Competed in the 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 U.S. Open Brittany Champ.

              In 2011, was named the Top Qualifier, in 2013 was named Top Qualifier again and

              in 2014 was called back to run in the finals as well.                                                              


Progeny    Ned had limited opportunities to sire litters during the 3-year period he was in the USA,                         however he produced winners.


2xCH  Dual & AFC Just Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper –  still competing   7  1-hr wins

            4th  2016  National Amateur Champ.,  was a dual champion at 2.5 years of age


FC Grade 8 Bolt   2  1-hr wins    In 2018, placed in the ABC Gun Dog Classic in April and followed up

                   with placement in the National Open Gun Dog Champ. in October in Ionia, MI


FC/AFC Kinwashkly Timberline Kestrel -  Winner, 2018 ABC Western Gun Dog Futurity & dual award

Kinwashkly Copperhead Road -  Winner,  2015 ABC Central All Age Futurity

Royal Britt's Pepper Jack, almost finished and still competing

Campbell's Skye the Limit, almost finished and still competing

Rusty Ridge Pepper Rey Ann (deceased) - Winner, 2015 Victoire Nationale

18 field winners, including 2 that are 1 point away from finishing

6 show champions (including one group placer)

2 futurity winners and another with a placement