6X American Field CH / 32X NSTRA CH / 6X NSTRA National CH / 5X NSTRA Regional CH

Nolan's Last Bullet

6/17/1994 – 9/15/2008

Nominated by Bob Fleury

Nolan’s Last Bullet was nominated several years ago and unfortunately did not get voted in.  Most of the rationale was that he did not compete in “regular” field trials.  All of Bullet’s competition was in the National Shoot to Retrieve trials.  Unless you have competed in these events or did research on them, you may not be aware of the stiff competition they present.  There is a marked difference in the formats of the following sanctioning organizations and a lot of people get confused trying to sort them out. ABC- AKC- FDSB- NSTRA- NAVDA- AFTCA- NBHA- US COMPLETE.  All the NSTRA trials are dominated by Pointers and Setters (75%) usually followed in entries by German Shorthairs.  The Brittany breed makes up a very small percentage of the entries. In the six National one hour Titles that Bullet won, he had to defeat 416 Pointers, 331 Setters (75%), 131 German Shorthairs (15%), and 86 Brittanys (10%).  These figures are only for the six National Titles listed below.   All of the NSTRA trials that Bullet competed in held that same percentage of competition from other pointing breeds throughout his entire career.

If you look at his updated production record you will see that he has an outstanding amount of progeny that are winning at a high level in all different formats of pointing dog competition. You have to also consider that, during his active career he did not attract competitive females from the more common Brittany field trial competition.  We can only guess at what effect that would have had on his production record.   This dog has been an asset to Brittany breed and deserves to be in our Hall of Fame. Your vote will get him there.

            Nolan’s Last Bullet, aka Buddy, competed in a format that braced him against all pointing breeds and he has the most wins in the history of the National Shoot to Retrieve Association. The American Field Championships, as well as the regional championships, under NSTRA rules are one hour stakes.  To win a NSTRA one hour championship, however, the winner and runner-up will compete in 3 to 4 half hour braces and then the hour brace all on the final day.   Those two dogs will be in competition for 2 ½  to 3 hours to achieve championship status.

            Buddy has earned his place in the ABC Hall of Fame and the National Shoot to Retrieve Hall of Fame through his accomplishments and those of his progeny and grand progeny who have won and placed in NSTRA, AKC and American Field. His six NSTRA national championships is tied for the most ever, and his 32 NSTRA championships is also the most ever.   Both of those records still stand to this day.  The 32x NSTRA Championships comprise a total of 108 first places and 115 other placements beating a total of 9701 dogs!

Buddy's 1 hour championship record:

Grand National Invitational Championship

  Champion 1998 (93 entries, 49 Pointers, 25 Setters, 9 Brittanys, 10 German Shorthair Pointers)

  Champion 1999 (94 entries, 44 Pointers, 32 Setters, 6 Brittanys, 12 German Shorthair Pointers)

  Champion 2003 (102 entries, 32 Pointers, 32 Setters, 14 Brittanys, 21 German Shorthair Pointers, 3 others)

Quail Invitational Championship

  Champion 2002 (128 entries, 51 Pointers, 44 Setters, 12 Brittanys, 19 German Shorthair Pointers, 2 others)

Trial of Champions Championship –  Every dog entered is a NSTRA Champion.

  Champion  2003 (198 Entries, 75 Pointers, 77 Setters, 15 Brittanys, 28 German Shorthair Pointers, 3 others)

  Runner-up 2000 (235 Entries, 114 Pointers, 77 Setters, 18 Brittanys, 22 German Shorthair Pointers)

Quail Unlimited Dog of the Year Championship -

  Champion 2004 (128 Entries, 51 Pointers, 44 Setters, 12 Brittanys, 19 German Shorthair Pointers, 2 others)

South Carolina Regional Championship - Champion 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004, - Runner-up 2003                                                                

Buddy's other NSTRA National accomplishments:

National Top Performance Award - Winner 1998, 2001 (record for points in a year), 2002, Runner-up 2000

Purina Endurance Championship - 1997 3rd place, 2000 4th place,  2001 4th place

Grand National Invitational Championship - 2002 3rd place

NSTRA Dog of the Year Championship - 2000 3rd place, 2002 3rd place

Buddy's production record: 

Buddy has sired 43 NSTRA Champion Brittanys that have combined for a total of 159 NSTRA championships. His official FDSB production record is 150-21-185.   The NSTRA Hall of Fame currently has 59 dogs inducted, 10 of those are Brittanys. Buddy is one of those, as is his littermate brother.  Five of the remaining are direct progeny of Buddy and another is up for nomination this year. Yet another is a great grandson of Buddy.  Eight of the ten are tied directly to Buddy.

Buddy has produced six different NSTRA national champions from five different females. Those six dogs have combined for nine NSTRA national championships and six runner-up national championships.

Direct Progeny Hour winners:  All NSTRA trials are Open Breed trials.

NSTRA HOF Beeline Wink - 12X NSTRA CH, 2004 Trial of Champions CH, 2005 Quail Invitational RU-CH,

    2006 KY Region CH, 2004 KY Region RU-CH

NSTRA HOF Beeline Bullet's Bravado - 15X NSTRA CH, 2002 Grand National CH, 2003 Dog of the Year CH            

    2005 Quail Unlimited Dog of the Year CH, 2005 NSTRA Dog of the Year RU-CH 

    South Carolina Regional Championship - 2005 CH, 2006 CH

NSTRA HOF Beeline Bullet's Proof -10X NSTRA CH, 2006 Grand National CH,

    2007 Quail Invitational  RU-CH,  2007 Quail Forever Championship                                                                                  

  South Carolina Regional Championship - 2008 CH, 2011 CH

NSTRA HOF Split Creek's Medicine Man - 11X NSTRA CH, 2008 Purina Endurance CH

    2005 Trial of Champions RU-CH, 2006 Quail Invitational RU-CH

NSTRA HOF Buddy's Mini-Cooper- 10X NSTRA CH, 2012 Quail Invitational CH, 2014 Quail Invitational CH

    Florida Regional Championship - 2011 CH, 2012 CH, 2014 CH

Beeline Bullet's Oxidation - 9X NSTRA CH,  2010 Grand National CH

   South Carolina Regional Championship - 2008 RU-CH, 2013 CH, 2017 CH

Beeline Destined - 2X NSTRA CH, 2004 Quail Unlimited Championship RU-CH

Beeline Bullet's Bossman - 3X NSTRA CH, 2019 South Carolina Regional Championship RU-CH

Cusick's Bodacious Bullet-9X NSTRA CH,Kentucky Regional Championship-2005CH, 2007 RU-CH,2008 CH

Split Creek Emma - 8X NSTRA CH, South Carolina Regional Championship - 2002 RU-CH

Gamble's Little Joe - 8X NSTRA CH,  Dixie Regional Championship - 2007 CH, 2011 RU-CH, 2013 CH

Buddy's Buster II - 5X NSTRA CH, Mo-Kan Regional Championship - 2007 CH, 2010 CH

Vaughn's L T - 5X NSTRA CH, Dixie Regional Championship - 2015 CH

Gamble's Hoss - 4X NSTRA CH, Dixie Regional Championship - 2011 CH

K Nine Blazin Bullet - 4X NSTRA CH, Arizona Regional Championship - 2006 CH

Beeline Captain Bert - 4X NSTRA CH, Virginia Regional Championship - 2007 CH

Boone County Brandy - 4X NSTRA CH, Indiana Regional Championship - 2013 CH

Conn's Ginger Snap - 3X NSTRA CH, Gulf Coast TX Regional Championship - 2007 RU-CH

Flyboy Ruby Deux - 2X NSTRA CH, Georgia Regional Championship - 2016 CH, 2019 CH

Maggie's Little Bit O'Bullet - 2X NSTRA CH, Gulf Coast TX Regional Championship - 2014 RU-CH,

    2016 RU-CH, 2017 CH

Rusty Bullet III - 2X NSTRA CH, Kentucky Regional Championship - 2003 CH

Schwimley's Blazin Bullet - 2X NSTRA CH, Missouri-Sho-Me Regional Championship - 2005 CH

Cindy's Easter Bunny - 2X NSTRA CH, Dixie Regional Championship - 2008 RU-CH

Ransome's Buckboard Bullet - 2X NSTRA CH, Georgia Regional Championship - 2011 CH, 2012 RU-CH

Bullet's Texas Sage - 1X NSTRA CH, Lone Star TX Regional Championship - 2006 CH, 2010 CH

Direct Progeny AKC notables:

FC/AFC Hy Steppin Maggie SH - 2008 RU-CH ABC National Amateur Gun Dog Championship

FC/AFC Boudreaux's Hi Caliber Bullet - 2008 ABC National Amateur Gun Dog Championship 4th place

Buddy's notable grand-progeny:

NAFC/AFC/GFC Spanish Corral's Sundance Kid - No introduction needed

NAGDC/NGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn - No Introduction needed

Clayton's TJ Micro-Tequila Watson -11X NSTRA CH,  2014 Trial Of Champions CH,   2015 Dog of the Year Championship CH, 2019 Quail Invitational Championship CH   Florida Regional Championship - 2015 CH, 2017 CH

Hy Steppin Ali's Got Attitude - 2020 Prairie State Brittany Championship Assoc Open Derby Classic- Winner

Buddy's great grand-progeny:

Peter Gunn's All-In Jazz - 3X NSTRA CH,  2020 Quail Invitational Championship - Champion

NSTRA HOF Quail Ridge Ranger - 7X NSTRA CH, 2011 Trial of Champions CH, 2011 Performance

    Championship CH, Dixie Regional Championship - 2010 CH, 2012 CH