Ella Conable
Inducted: 2001

For over 40 years Ella wa known by all Brittany people a a welcome friend, as a diligent club worker as well as a strong field trial competitor. She held many important positions in the American Brittany Club. She reported field trials from coast to coast. She seemed to always have good dogs and in particular there was Ran-Bo's Royal Rebecca who Ella piloted to wins in the ABC Pheasant Championship and the Illinois Brittany Championship.

For over 40 years, the Brittany and the ABC have been Ella's whole life. The first thing new people learn about Ella is her unsurpassed encouragement and friendship she shows. Everyone knows Ella and everyone appreciated her help/assistance when they got started in Brittanys. Ella is a diligent worker for the American Brittany Club and for many years she was editor of the ABC magazine, editor of the ABC yearbook, as well as the ABC treasurer. Somehow she combined the ABC work with her love of field trialing. For many years, Ella took off with her dogs and horses and drove all over the country to compete with her dogs, to be a judge, or to be a reporter. She has reported many local club trials plus the ABC Futurities, ABC Classics and the ABC National Championship. She has owned or partly owned and has handled man winning dogs. Ella is a tough competitor! She got Ran-Bo's Royal Rebecca when the dog was middle aged and then she handled the dog to wins in the ABC Pheasant Championship, Illinois Championship, and was recipient of the ABC Women's Handler Trophy. Rebecca was one of the top hour dogs of her time!

Ella and FC/AFC Ran-Bos Royal Rebecca