James Holman
Inducted: 2002

You have just gone into a motel room at the next field trial and a friend has just told you that Jim Holman is here! You know this means that it will be a tough trial, over the past 20-25 years, Jim has won over 120 ABC hour stakes, he has the best dogs, and he is not going to make a mistake! You can beat him but you have to win because he is not going to lose!

Coupled with the 120 ABC hour stakes he had won, Jim had won 24 American Field Championships. He won three times at the US Open Championship. He won with the Country Cousin Contender, The Magic Moment, and La Jean's Johnnie of Connie. The US Open Ch'ship is a major stake! He won the ABC National Championship with Markar's Jac's A-Dan-D, Franklin County Bandit, Chipp Britt Jill, and Augustus of Rivers.

Jim was a second generation trainer. There was a special bond between Jim and Rick Smith, and John Rex Gates. All three were also 2nd generation trainers and all three had to live the same lives.