Marcelle Bell
Inducted: 2002

Marcelle was one of the people who helped build the ABC. Starting in 1947 with the Bell's first field trial dog through 2001, they supported dogs, trainers, local clubs, the ABC, and the ABC Nationals.

They put dogs with trainers that were having a tough time. If a local club was having a hard time, they attended or assured trainers would attend this club's trial. They had 11 AKC Field Champions and 3 Dual Champions.

The ABC owes a great deal to them. Marcelle won the ABC National Amateur Championship twice. For one of these winner's, they gave a rotating trophy. The ABC magazine was kept running because of their support! When the ABC was having difficult financial problems, the Bell's came to the rescue. Marcelle was an officer in many ABC organizations. For example, Marcelle was the first ABC Classics chairman and for years she was the Northeast Gun Dog Trophy chairman.

Marcelle was a tough one, irreplaceable, but for those who knew her, she will be missed!