Do you have a club member(s) who has supported your club for a long time?

A member who faithfully attends events, helps new members, chairs events and works tirelessly for the club and the Brittany breed?

Have you considered a way to thank this member for his/her contributions?

We have the solution!!

Consider a Life Patron or Patron Memorial plaque.

This would be a great way for a club or group of people to recognize the person(s) substantial contributions.

Not only will you acknowledge the person, but you will be supporting our Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame.

The Life Patron or Patron Memorial Plaque will include a photo and written appreciation of the person(s). Two plaques will be made, one for the person and one for display in the Brittany wing of the National Bird Dog Museum. The cost is $1200, the amount being donated to the Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame, part of The Bird Dog Foundation.

Contact Mary Crawford for information on plaque preparation and presentation.

A Brittany Honor Roll of Donors Plaque is displayed in the Brittany wing at the National Bird Dog Museum
Donation levels recognized on the plaque are:
Silver ($1000 to $2499), Gold ($2500 to $4999), Platinum ($5000 or more)
(for more details see www.brittanyfieldtrialhalloffame.com/FundRaising.htm)


Each Life Patron or Patron Memorial plaque represents a $1,200.00 donation to The Bird Dog Foundation.

Charles Alff

Clifton Boggs

Bob Burchett

Loyd Budd

Tom Burroughs

William Cartmell

Francis Clasen

Ella Conable

Charles "Bernie" Crain

Mary Crawford

Ron Curtis

Evert Davis Jr.

Ernie & Lenora Facer

Tom Fife

David Fletcher

Robert Fleury

Jim Holman

Lee Holman

Jane Hopper

James B. Hoyer

Leslie Hunt

Lyle Johnson

Marjorie Johnson

Dwight Jordan

John Kline

Diana Kubitz

Marilynne & Clem Little

Neil Mace

Dave Marshall

Ruth McGee

Richard Murphy

Bill & Mary Lynn Oliver

LaReine Pittman

Marilyn Pulliam

Frank & Donna Pride

Herb Rea

Robert “Rob” Richter

Tom & Judy Robin

Edward Sawicki Sr.

Lucille Sawicki

Bill Schreiber

Delmar Smith

Rick Smith

Ron Stevenson

Jeff Steele

Bill & Velma Tiedman


Ruby Trimble

Fay Walker

Barbara Wade

Dr. John Webb

Robert Wiesz


Each Founder plaque represents a $5,000.00 donation to The Bird Dog Foundation.

Jim & Janet Chase

Mary Karbiner

Paul & Lisa Pollock

Delmar & Jeanne Smith

Rick Smith