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Welcome To The Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame

“The Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame, Dedicated to preserving the past and protecting the future for sporting dog fanciers the world over.”

“To be enshrined in a Hall of Fame is the greatest achievement in the field trial sports.”

"Field Trials exist to improve the breed. They are a standard of excellence aimed at allowing people to know which dogs are best and thus worthy of breeding"

Dedication of Brittany Bronze
at the National Bird Dog Museum, Grand Junction, TN

What's New
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  • Nominations begin March 1 and close July 1
    See "here" for information on nominating dogs and people.
  • 2023 Hall of Fame induction ceremonies will be Saturday, February 11, 2023
    On February 11, we will celebrate with our new HOF members and friends. Mary Crawford will be inducted. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Crawford
  • 2023 Ceremonies, Schedule & Hotel Information
    See "here" for full details regarding the upcoming Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame Ceremonies, Schedule & Hotel Information.

  • Congratulations to the 2022
    Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame elected members

    Mary Crawford
    Congratulations to Mary Crawford for being elected to our Hall of Fame.

    On Saturday, February 11, 2023 in Grand Junction, TN at the Bird Dog Museum, Mary will be inducted. We invite you to attend the ceremony honoring her and visit our Brittany wing and museum. A Patron Memorial Membership Plaque for Tommy Thomas will be presented.
    Full details available at BFTHF News.

    About The Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame
    The Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame (BFTHF) is an element of the The Field Trial Hall of Fame and an integral part of the Bird Dog Foundation, a federal tax-exempt corporation located in Grand Junction, TN.

    The purpose of the BFTHF is to provide recognition for worthy dogs and outstanding people who over the years have made significant contributions to the sport of field trialing.

    Induction into the BFTHF is the highest field trial honor for a person or a dog!

    The BFTHF is managed by a board of directors and is headed by one director serving as chairman.

    Contact Us
    Rick Smith, Chairman   210-260-4978  chairman@BrittanyFieldTrialHallOfFame.com
    Mary Crawford, Secretary   281-469-2234  secretary@BrittanyFieldTrialHallOfFame.com

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