Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame

The Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame (BFTHF) is an element of the The Field Trial Hall of Fame and an integral part of the Bird Dog Foundation, a federal tax-exempt corporation located in Grand Junction, TN.
The purpose of the BFTHF is to provide recognition for worthy dogs and outstanding people who over the years have made significant contributions to the sport of field trialing.
Induction into the BFTHF is the highest field trial honor for a person or a dog!
The BFTHF is managed by a board of directors and is headed by one director serving as chairman.

Election to the BFTHF

Each year, members of the Brittany community make nominations of worthy dogs and outstanding people to the chairman of the board of directors.
An election committee, composed of representatives of major Brittany American Field Championships, makes the final selection. This selection is from a list of dogs and people with the most nominations..

Induction into to the BFTHF

The formal induction of the elected persons and dogs into the BFTHF takes place at the Field Trial Hall of Fame in Grand Junction, TN. Each person and dog so inducted presents a framed painting to be hung in the Hall of Fame among all the other people and dogs that have also been so inducted.
It is said that when one is inducted into to the Hall of Fame he joins the immortals!