How to Nominate and add Support

Nominations begin March 1 and close July 1.

Nominations Process
Nominations begin March 1 and close July 1. The nominee biography, photo and support letters will be posted on the BFTHF website Nominations page.
  • Nominator should prepare a biography with facts that outline a candidate dog or personís worthiness to be a member of the BFTHF (see Basic Criteria in Election Procedure ). The nomination and bio should be complete and factual as these are sent to the Election Committee members for voting.
  • Send the nomination, bio and a photo of the candidate by email to Mary Crawford, Secretary at jmbritts@gmail.com, or by mail to 11902 Mile Dr., Houston, TX 77065.
  • Endorsements ∑ for nominees should be sent to mail@BrittanyFieldTrialHallOfFame.com or Mary Crawford..
  • Go to HOF - Dogs & HOF - People to see a list of past Hall of Fame inductees.

Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame Nominations
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Nominated Dogs
Clyde's Micro-Breeze

(view info)
Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper

(view info)
Nolanís Last Bullet

(view info)
Ortho Acres Booker T

(view info)

Nominated People
Chad Holman

(view info)
Chuck & Theda Langstaff

(view info)
Jerry McGee

(view info)
Tommy Thomas

(view info)