Past Inductions

Class of 2024
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Steve Ralph
L-R: Alex Ralph, Lori Ralph, Inductee Steve Ralph, Alissa & Stephen Mastell, and Bret Lindback

Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid
Inductee Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid with owner Joe Gower (third from right), with family and friends

Peter Thuman, Life Patron
Plaque recipient Peter Thuman with wife Leslie Thuman center, and friends

Jim Crawford, Life Patron
Plaque recipient Jim Crawford and friends

Jim House, Life Patron
Plaque recipient Jim House center with wife and Joe Gower

Harms Family, Life Patron
Plaque recipients The Harms Family, Steve Ralph, with the Harms Family. (Jim, Barb, Kayleigh, Alicia, Sophie, John, Hunter), Kent Patterson and Ray Trimble

Henry Wierzbicki, Life Patron
Plaque recipient Henry Wierzbicki, center with Rick Smith and Bob Fleury

Julie Asmus, Life Patron
Julie Asmus plaque recipient

Paul & Peggy Doiron, Life Patron
Plaque recipients Paul and Peggy Doiron, Joe Gower presenter

Class of 2023
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Mary Crawford
L-R: Pete Thuman, Jim Crawford, Mary Crawford, Rick Smith

Tommy Thomas, Patron Memorial
L-R: Ken Windom, Bob Burchett, Linda Thomas, Mike Poehler

Dick Frawley & Sue DeSilver, Life Patron
L-R: Bob Fleury, Rich Murphy, Delmar Smith, Henry Wierzbicki, Mary Crawford, Rick Smith

2023 Brittany Group

Hall Of Fame Friends
L-R: Mary Karbiner, Mary Crawford, Mary Jo Trimble, Judy Graves

Hall Of Fame Legends
L-R: Ray Trimble & Delmar Smith

Class of 2022
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Ed & Judy Graves
L-R: Dave Capstick, Tim Self, Chad Holman, Julie Russell, Ed & Judy Graves, Jeannie Graves, Mary Jo & Ray Trimble

Rick Conner, Patron Memorial
L-R: Shelley Smith, Darrell Smith, Trey Harris, Kathryn Milam Harris, Tom Milam, Bob Rankin, Mary Crawford

Ray & Martha Gorman, Life Patron
L-R: Paul Arcand, Ray & Martha Gorman with plaque, Henry Wierzbicki

Tribute to Rheta Cartmell

Class of 2021
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Charles "Bernie" Crain
L-R: Barb & Bernie Crain

Diana Kubitz
L-R: Nelson Sabin, Travis and Hunter Sabin, Angel and Reed Sabin, Wendy Sabin, Bill Stimer, Gary and Diana Kubitz, Chris and Carole Alff, Nancy Clendenen

Ken Jacobson
L-R: Dave Fletcher, Jena Jacobson, Ken Jacobson, Lora Crone, Rick Smith, Mary Crawford, front: Delmar Smith

Bourbon XIII
L-R: Al Gorrow, Joe Jung, Ken Windom

Linda Milam, Patron Memorial
L-R: Shelley Smith, Darrell Smith, Trey Harris, Kathryn Milam Harris, Tom Milam, Bob Rankin, Mary Crawford

Class of 2020
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Grand Junction Jake
L-R: Carol & Dick Pulliam

Tequila With A Twist
L-R: Ed Tillson & Jessica Carlson

Ray Gorman
L-R: Martha & Ray Gorman

Diana Kubitz, Life Patron
L-R: Gary & Diana Kubitz, Mary Crawford

Marjorie Johnson, Life Patron
L-R: Scott & Harlene Johnson

Class of 2019
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Ru-Jem's A Touch Of Bourbon
L-R: Terry McGee, Brandon McGee, Jerry McGee, Lisa McGee, Jacob McGee, Chris McGee

Tom White & Margaret Horstmeyer
L-R: Peggy & Paul Doiron, Joe Gower, Margaret Horstmeyer & Tom White, Linda Langford, Claude & Jan Kilpatrick

Lyle Johnson
L-R: Lyle Johnson family & friends

Bill & Mary Lynn Oliver, Life Patron
L-R: Bill & Mary Lynn Oliver

Herb Rae, Life Patron
L-R: Herb Rae

Tom & Judy Robin, Patron Memorial
L-R: Mary Jo Trimble, Tom Robin, Mary Crawford

Ted Sweirczynski, Life Patron
L-R: Bob Fleury, Ted Sweirczynski, Mitch Sweiczynski, Henry Wierbicki

Class of 2018
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Kent Patterson
L-R: Martha Harris Patterson, Guy Patterson, Diane Patterson, Kent Patterson, Sheila Patterson, Dr. Seth Patterson, Miles Patterson, Harold Whitaker, Cassie Alsup Patterson, Dana Patterson Drake

David Fletcher

Mary Crawford, Life Patron
L-R: Mary Crawford & Rick Smith

Jane Hopper, Patron Memorial
L-R: Diana Kubitz & Gil Hopper

Marilynne & Clem Little, Patron Memorial
L-R: Mary Crawford, the Little's daughter Windy Schmidt, Rick Smith

Class of 2017
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February 11 was a very special day at the National Bird Dog Museum.   We inducted 3 hall of famers and presented 3 plaques, dedicated the Brittany Bronze statue on the grounds of the museum, remembered Bill Cartmell for his contributions to field trialing, the Brittany breed and the BFTHF, and added one of the original Iron Dogs and other memorabilia belonging to Alan Stuyvesant to our museum. 

Mary Jo Trimble
L-R: Bob Fleury, Pam Baird, Al Gorrow, Mary Jo & Ray Trimble

Shady's Tia Maria
L-R: Mary Crawford, Windy Schmidt, Marilynne Little, Paul Pollock, Clem Little, Jimmy Berneathy, Lisa Pollock

L-R: Roxanne Lindback, Bret Lindback, Lori Ralph, Steve Ralph, Alissa Ralph, Dave Carlson, Susan Januschka, Tanya Carlson, Mary Tyson

Mary Jo Trimble
Induction video

Shady's Tia Maria
Induction video

Induction video

Charles "Chuck" Alff, Patron Memorial
L-R:Christina Strickling, Carole Alff & Diana Kubitz

Dave Marshall, Life Patron
L-R: Sarah Conyngham & Dave Marshall

Dr. Leslie Hunt, Life Patron
L-R: Robert Fleury, Leslie Hunt & Henry Wierzbicki

Dedication of Brittany Bronze
The life-size statue was designed and commissioned by Ken Jacobson and sculpted by renowned artist Matthew Gray Palmer.  During the dedication, Ken spoke about his journey with Sam, Delmar and Rick Smith.   Brittany folks attending the inductions were all on hand to celebrate with Ken.   We finally have our breed represented in the museum gardens and are immensely thankful to Ken for taking on this monumental task.  

Ken Jacobson

L-R: Ken Jacobson & Delmar Smith

L-R: Rick Smith, Ken Jacobson, Bill Norvell

Remembering Bill Cartmell, HOF
Bill Cartmell’s passing brought to mind the many contributions he made over his lifetime to field trialing and the Brittany. We were thrilled that Rheta, his “partner” in the many goals he pursued, was present with her daughter Patty and husband Tom Jeavons and her son Jim Cartmell. Bill was a driving force in making the Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame a reality. We honored Rheta during the ceremonies and remembered Bill for his influence in bettering the Brittany breed.

L-R: Rheta Cartmell & Mary Crawford

L-R: Jim Cartmell, Patty Jeavons, Rheta Cartmell, Tom Jeavons, Delmar Smith

L-R: Mary Crawford, Rick Smith, Rheta Cartmell, Delmar Smith

Bill Cartmell
Tribute video

The Iron Dog
Through the generosity of Ms. Barbara Rokas, one of the original Iron Dog statues, commissioned by Alan R. Stuyvesant in 1952 and created by sculptor Richard Fath from France, is now on display in our museum. This statue, along with other items belonging to Mr. Stuyvesant, was brought to rest in our hall by Bob Fleury, a longtime friend of Ms. Rokas. The Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame is grateful to her for helping to preserve our heritage with memorabilia for our museum in the Brittany Hall.

Class of 2016
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Tom Milam
L-R: Tom Milam, Darrell Smith, Linda Milam, Shelly Smith, Margaret Horstmeyer, Dr. Robert Rankin

Jim Leverich
L-R: Rick Smith, Jim Leverich, Rick Leverich

Lane's End Bowtie Annie
L-R: Tom Robin & Judy Robin

Brittany Folks at Induction Ceremony

Class of 2015
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Mary Karbiner
L to R: Mary Jo Trimble, Quinn Johnson, Kennie Davis, Steve Davis, Shane Mason, Mary Karbiner, Robert Karbiner & Gina Karbiner.

Just Call Me Roy
L to R: Kent Patterson, Tom Ettinger (holding scroll), & Ben Lorenson.

L to R: Harlene Gale Hoyt, Scott Johnson, Meam Floyd (holding painting), Justin Hagedorn, Francis Clasen, Marge Johnson, David Wheeler, Lyle Johnson, Joyce & David Lincoln..

John Kline, Patron Memorial
L to R: Paul & Lisa Pollock.

Class of 2014
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Rick Smith
L to R: Matt Linch, Kristin Linch (daughter), Max Linch, Madilyn Linch, Kay Davis (wife), Rick Smith.

Louis Andre` Thebaud (1859 -1939)
L to R: Mary Crawford & Steve Ralph.

Shambo's Dark Shadow
L to R: Mary Karbiner, Charles "Bernie" Crain, Bill Norvell.

Jeffrey Steele, Patron Memorial
L to R: Venita Steele (wife) & Steve McClure.

Tom Tighe, Patron Memorial
L to R: Judy Tighe (wife) & Douglas Tighe (son).

Barbara Wade, Patron Memorial
L to R: Mary Crawford, Diana Kubitz, Mary Karbiner.

Class of 2013
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Janet Chase
L to R: Rick Smith, Brenda Weak (sister) and Earl Weak.

Jim Chase (2006)
L to R: Julie Wright (sister) and Jim Wright.

Remembering Janet Chase
L to R: Mary Jo Trimble, Rick Smith, Brenda Weak (Janet's sister), Earl Weak and Julie Wright (Jim's sister).

Class of 2012
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Tom Fife
L to R: Cathy Kliewer, Herb Rea, Tom Fife, Tom Kliewer, Claudia Fife, Ruth Parman, Roger Fife, Kirsten Teague, Larry Hagedorn, and Bernie Matthys.

Dr. Ron Harling, Sr.
L to R: Carol Gallis, Sue Harling, Dr. Ron Harling, Sr., Stephen Harling, Ron Harling, Jr., Maggie Harling.

Scipio's Mister Chips
Owner: Linus & Rita Keating
Accepting: Linda Langford & Margaret Horstmeyer.

Lisa & Paul Pollock, Founder
L to R: Lisa & Paul Pollock

Lloyd & Ella Conable, Founder
Accepting: Jim Chase

Bernie Crain, Life Patron
Charles "Bernie" Crain

Robert Richter, Patron Memorial
Accepting: Tom Burroughs

Class of 2011
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Warren Montgomery
L to R: wife Carol Mongomery, Warren Montgomery, daughter & grandson.

Home Acres Allspice
Owner: Bobby & Barb Youngs
L to R: Bobby Youngs, wife Barb Youngs & Ross Young.

Bill & Velma Tiedeman, Patron Memorial
L to R: Dave Fletcher & Tom Tiedeman.

Class of 2010
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Dr. Robert Rankin
L to R: Dr. Robert Rankin & wife Vicki.

Bazooka's Brandy
Owner: Dan Huddleston
L to R: Delmar Smith, Trainer & Handler for Bazooka’s Brandy.

Bazooka's Brandy
L to R: Rick Smith, Delmar Smith & Karen Quackenbush with Inductee Bazooka’s Brandy Hall of Fame Scroll.

Jim & Janet Chase, Founder
L to R: Janet & Jim Chase.

Class of 2009
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Shady's Chik-N-Little
Owner: Clem & Marilynne Little
L to R: Mary Crawford, Clem Little, Marilynne Little & Rick Smith.

William Cartmell
L to R: Rheta Cartmell, Bill Cartmell.

Class of 2008
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Class of 2007
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Diamond Hill Dan
Owner: Paul Pollock
L to R: Lisa Pollock, Paul Pollock, John Kline.

Dr GordonTheilen

Class of 2006
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Ajax VII
Owner: John & Judy Marinelli
L to R: Judy & John Marinelli.

Tequila's Joker
Owner: Ed Tillson
L to R: Ed Tillson & Wade Worrell.

Jim Chase
L to R: Janet Chase, Jim Chase & Tom Burroughs.

Rosco Staton
L to R: Rosco & Janet Staton.

Class of 2005
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Loyd Budd
L to R: Loyd Budd, Mary Karbiner & Rick Smith.

J. W. "Dub" Emde
L to R: Mary Crawford, Dr. John Webb & Tom Milam.

Class of 2004
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Scott's Gingerbread Lady induction
L to R: Mrs. Scott Hoven, Scott Hoven, Rosco Staton, Bill Cartmell.

Microdot induction
L to R: Bill Cartmell, Lyle Johnson, Bill & Mary Lynne Oliver, Francis Clasen.

Microdot statue
L to R: Scott Johnson, Marge & Lyle Johnson, Francis Clasen, Bill & Mary Lynne Oliver.

Lyle Johnson plaque
L to R: Lyle Johnson with plaque, Marge Johnson, surrounded by Lyle trained dogs.

Class of 2003
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Class of 2002
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Class of 2001
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Brandy's Bullet Portrait
Owner: Bill Norvell
L to R: Gary Lockee & Bill Norvell

Magic Moment
Owner: Don Young
L to R: Don Young & Bill Cartmell

Class of 2000
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Class of 1999
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Class of 1998
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Class of 1997
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Class of 1993
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L to R: Velma Tiedeman, Joy Searcy, Judy Webb, Ray Trimble
NAC/DC/AFC Hi-Spirit Buck (owner Warren Montgomery), Dr. John Webb.

NAC/DC/AFC Hi-Spirit Buck
Owner: Carol & Warren Montgomery
L to R: Carol Montgomery, Warren Montgomery & Bernie Matthys